The Long Island Liquid Waste Association is a group of licensed septic service contractors dedicated to improving the standards and image of the industry for the mutual benifit of those serving the industry and those the industry serves.

Homeowner Information

In most cases, as a Long Island homeowner, you are visiting this site because either you, a relative or neighbor is experiencing a failing septic system. We are here to help. As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining your septic system. By properly maintaining your system you will help to prevent failures and help maintain the value of your home. A failing septic system can contaminate the ground water and pollute any nearby lakes, rivers and our coastal waters.

In the left hand corner of this screen is a button entitled Find A Company, which will lead you to a list of LILWA Member Service Companies in your area. LILWA members are properly licensed and insured and most have had their servicemen attend LILWA's Certification Program.

Steps you can take to maintain your system.

1. Learn the location of your septic system and any related drain fields.

2. Have your system serviced as necessary (the average Septic Tank should be serviced every 1-2 years to prevent solid waste from entering the leaching area).

3. Have your system inspected as needed. Prior to 1973, the standard materials for constructing cesspools were red brick and or cement block, which have been known to collapse

4. Do not dispose of any household wastes, feminine hygiene products, diapers and cat litter in sinks or toilets.

5. Plant only grass near or over your system, trees and shrub roots could clog your system.

6. Keep vehicles off your septic system, the weight could damage the tank and pipes.

7. Do not use any additive that may be dangerous and or explosive.


The Long Island Liquid Waste Association is a non-profit organization established in 1974 for the benefit of those who work in the septic industry and the public they serve. The programs and services provided by LILWA enhance member's professionalism and encourage their involvement in community leadership to better the quality of life for all Long Island residents.

Our members include septic haulers, installers, septic plant operators and those who supply and support the industry with specialized and vital services. If your home or business is in need of septic servicing, installation or repair you can expect the best from the fully licensed contractors in LILWA.

LILWA offers its members an on going certification program to keep the membership informed of proper servicing practices, changes in the licensing laws and building codes. Members also receive a Quarterly Newsletter detailing changes in codes, local issues and up-dated information on what is going on in the counties of Long Island.

We are not affiliated with any one political party, however LILWA has worked closely with all county and local governments to enhance consumer and environmental protection efforts.

There is a monthly LILWA Board of Director meeting which is open to all members. An annual outing in the summer and a holiday party held in December bring members and their guests together for some fine evenings of dinning and dancing.

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