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About L.I.L.W.A.

Until 1974, when LILWA was founded, the septic services industry on Long Island was comprised of small businesses operating independently of each other, with little means of communication between them.  Eventually incorporating the association in 1976, the small business owners in our industry saw population increases, municipal oversite, limitations on available dump sites, changes in technology and a growing concern for our local ecology, environment and water supply.   The owner-operators of who founded this group recognized a need for a unified voice in representing the industry, the importance of cultivating a positive image in our communities and an effective way of communicating changes and goals within the trade. Most importantly they sought a way of establishing and improving professional standards for the septic industry.

Almost fifty years later, our goals are very much the same as they were back in 1974. We continue to provide a certification program for member companies to ensure that our technicians meet certain minimum standards of knowledge, proficiency, safety and skills.  We form specialized committees to address evolving issues affecting our our membership and the customers we serve. We have designated representatives who meet regularly with the state and local officials that are responsible for issues relating to the septic services industry, and we continue to find new ways to share emergent information with our membership.  Above all else, we strive to protect the safety of our employees in the field, and ensure  the protection of the homes and businesses we serve.  

As water quality on Long Island continues to spur advances in technology, system design, and ever changing permitting, inspection, installation and maintenance requirements, we are committed to the further education and training of our industry's management and workforce and will continue to advocate for their safety and success.

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