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The systems, and the septic industry on Long Island are frequently the subject of news articles, especially as local government agencies continue to change regulations and legislation in an effort to protect our natural resources.  In an effort to help contractors and their customers, we will archive relevant news here. Members are invited to email contributions to this collection.  Please be sure to site sources.

2023-09-13      Clean water plan deserves a vote

2023-09-08     Suffolk sales tax election for sewers scrapped after legislative talks collapse

2023-09-06    Suffolk sales tax hike to build sewers could be on December ballot

2023-07-31      Suffolk GOP must devise a clean water plan

2023-07-28     Suffolk sales tax hike for sewers could need another trip through Albany

2023-07-25     Suffolk sewer expansion plan prompts new complaints by Republicans

2023-07-20     Long Island water quality has hit a low point, environmentalist says-

2023-07-19      Suffolk spending $27M for new sewer connections in Town of Islip-

2023-07-12      Environment is a key topic in Suffolk County executive race-

2023-07-11      Sewage plan overflowing with Suffolk politics-

2023-06-22     Suffolk sewer expansion plan 'sinking quickly'-

2023-06-22     Suffolk legislators shelve sewer expansion plan-

2023-06-20     Suffolk's sewer expansion plan gets public hearing Wednesday-

2023-06-14      Cesspools at 12 Suffolk parks to be removed, officials say-

2023-06-06     Suffolk hearings set on major sewer expansion plan-

2023-06-06     Sayville High students' clean water project a winner for school-

2023-05-25     Suffolk offers small businesses grants for sewer connection-

2023-05-17      Centereach, Selden, Coram, Farmingville get millions for sewer work-

2023-05-11      Smithtown sewer project gets $13 million in COVID-19 relief funds from Suffolk County-

2023-04-11      IRS ruling on Suffolk sewer grants too late for some seeking refunds-

2023-04-10     100 more homes to be connected to village sewers in South Patchogue, with $10M in gov. funding-

2023-03-30     State lawmakers must pass Suffolk plan for clean water-

2023-03-29     It's time to raise money for clean water fight in Suffolk-

2023-03-28     Suffolk sewer upgrade plan includes tax hike-

2023-02-20     Timeline set for installing sewers along New York Avenue in Huntington Station-

2023-01-12      Land swap for Montauk wastewater treatment plant resisted-

2022-12-03     IRS- Grants to help homeowners upgrade septic systems will be tax exempt-

2022-11-28      Hochul $2.25M for cesspool replacement on Long Island-

2022-11-22      Feds- Suffolk septic grants should be tax-exempt-

2022-11-17       Long Island Sound water quality plateaued or declined in 2022, Save the Sound reports-

2022-11-04      St. James' Lake Avenue sewer line could be hooked up to a treatment plant-

2022-10-24      Lawsuit over $198 million Suffolk sewer fund diversion can continue-

2022-10-13       Perfect storm of conditions leads to record fish kills in LI waters Stony Brook scientists say-

2022-09-19      Patchogue wants homeowners with cesspools to pay $650 year to connect to village sewer-

2022-09-06     Suffolk pols to vote on $1.7M land buy to bolster sewer service in Smithtown-

2022-01-19       Sewer progress worth applause - Newsday Editorial.pdf

2021-12-20      Grant program in Suffolk County to offset costs of nitrogen.pdf

2021-11-16       Suffolk Legislature Approves Septic Grant Program.pdf

2021-10-30      Suffolk begins $409M sewer infrastructure project-

2021-10-08      Long Island Water-Quality Assessment Shows Cause for Concern.pdf

2021-10-05      Suffolk lawmakers approve nearly 400M in new sewer projects - newsday.pdf

2021-10-03      Suffolk set to break ground on Carlls River sewer project in Babylon - newsday.pdf

2021-07          Don't Cut Corners When it Comes to Excavating Safety.pdf

2021-06-30      Suffolk Mandate For Advanced Septic Systems For New Homes Takes Effect.pdf

2021-05-27      A discussion about Suffolk's wastewater treatment systems.pdf

2021-04-22      Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone touts 10M Plan for Sewer projects .pdf

2021-04-03      CONTRACTOR fined 135K - newsday.pdf

2021-04-03      Roslyn contractor fined $135K for deadly 2020 trench collapse.pdf

2021-03-22      New Water Management District to Help Suffolk County.pdf

2021-03-04      Wastewater management initiatives push forward.pdf

2021-02          Skip Norsic Finds a Diamond in the Rough.pdf

2021-01-25       System replacement grants increase to include engineering review cost.pdf

2021-01-25       Replacement program to help upgrade failing onsite systems in Nassau County.pdf

2020-10-06      Suffolk lawmakers back high-tech septic systems.pdf

2020-10          New York lawmakers want to eliminate income tax from septic grants.pdf

2020-09-10     Legislators delay vote on water quality bill - newsday.pdf

2020-09-09    Suffolk lawmakers postpone vote on high-tech septic systems.pdf

2020-09-07    Suffolk Septic Proposal - newsday.pdf


2020-09-02    Suffolk lawmakers set to vote on requiring advanced septic systems.pdf

2020-08-06    Homeowner files 80G lawsuit against Southampton Town - newsday.pdf

2020-07-03    Bill seeks end of Suffolk septic-grant taxes - newsday.pdf

2020-06-01     LIPA OKs Plan to power thousands of south shore sewer pumps - newsday.pdf

2020-05-20     A Pumpers Guide to Federal and State OSHA Standards.pdf

2020-03-23    Gyrodyne sewage plant wins initial approval - newday.pdf

2020-01-31     More details on workers killed in Upper Brookville trench collapse.pdf

2020-01-30    Two Septic Installers Killed in Long Island Trench Collapse.pdf

2020-01         New York's Suffolk County to Continue Building Infrastructure in Advanced Onsite Systems.pdf

2019-12-23     1 .7M grant for sewer project - newsday.pdf

2019-12-02     septic upgrade rebate raised.pdf

2019-09-17     Suffolk unveils plans for 1200 new high tech systems next year.pdf

2019-07         Long Islanders Seek IRS Clarification Over Income Tax Liability.pdf

2019-06-25     Man-made wetland to treat wastewater.pdf

2019-06-24     Urgent Vote on Waste - newsday.pdf

2019-06-08     CALL FOR ACTION ON LI WATER - newsday.pdf

2019-06-07     Suffolk Water Quality Measure Looking Iffy - newsday.pdf


2019-05-03     County continues push for advanced septic systems.pdf

2019-05         Long Island Region Economic Snapshot.pdf

2019-04-25     Sewer Job near in Patchogue - newsday.pdf

2019-04-23     Sewage plant project getting 3M more.pdf

2019-04-22     New York County in Disarray Over Wastewater Grant Taxes.pdf

2019-03-28     Paying for Better Sewage Treatment - newsday.pdf

2019-03-14      Suffolk asks county comptroller to rescind tax form sent to homeowners.pdf

2019-03-13      Suffolk County homeowners hit with tax bills for septic grants.pdf


2019-01-24     Scramble for Sewer Money.pdf

2019-01-23     2 sewer plans OKd - newsday.pdf

2018-12-31      Funding for Hookup to County Sewer Plant - newsday.pdf

2018-12-07     Sag Harbor - Village considers wastewater regulation - newsday.pdf

2018-12-05     Ocean Beach - Seeking a Sewage Plan - newsday.pdf

2018-12          New York County Continues to Study Bacteria Found on Long Island Beach.pdf

2018-11-29      Greenport - Discharge of Sewers Spurs Alert - Newsday.pdf

2018-09-24    Suffolk Gets 500K Grant to study sewer taxing districts - newsday.pdf

2018-09-18     Equipment World Magazine - Subcontractor Faulted for 2 Deadly Excavation Cave Ins in 6 Months.pdf

2018-09         New York Legislature Considers Ways to Cut Onsite System Costs.pdf

2018-08-31     LI Rust Tide Algae -Newsday.pdf

2018-05         Keep Encouraging Public Assistance for Septic System Upgrades.pdf

2018-04-29    Here's why most of Suffolk County doesn't have sewers.pdf

2018-04-26    Suffolk's plan to clean its waterways could cost about $20K per household.pdf

2018-04-26    Suffolk tests new type of advanced septic system to reduce nitrogen.pdf

2018-04-26    Hiccups met in Suffolk's plan.pdf

2018-04-09    LIs Green Boost - Newsday.pdf

2018-04-09    On the East End a sense of urgency over hi-tech septics.pdf

2018-03         Upgrades From Cesspools to Advanced Systems Begin on Long Island.pdf

2018-01-27     Suit over Cesspool Fatality.pdf

2018 -           Coalition for Fire Island Wastewater Solutions - Briefing.pdf

2017-12-22     Sewage Bill Signed - Newsday.pdf

2017-12-06     New Law on Septic Systems and Cesspools - Newsday.pdf

2017-12-01     Horse pulled out of cesspool in North Great River.pdf

2017-12         Long Island Communities in New York Tighten Onsite System Rules.pdf

2017-11-28      Proposal to ease cesspool rules - newsday.pdf

2017-11-27      Riverhead - sewage Treatment Plant Given Environmental Award - newsday.pdf

2017-11-22      Worker killed replacing cesspool in Shoreham.pdf

2017-11-18       Worker killed replacing cesspool in Shoreham.pdf

2017-11-13       Suffolk proposal to replace failing cesspools with septic tanks.pdf

2017-08-02    County seeking  - $50 million in economic development funds for cesspool replacement.pdf

2017-07-31      Islip - Town to waive permit fees for septic work.pdf

2017-06-04    Nitrogen Woes - no easy fix - newsday.pdf

2017-05-19     Riverhead - Seeking Sewer Funding.pdf

2017-05-17     10M OKd for Septic Program.pdf

2017-05         OSHA Rule Requires Crane Operator Certification for Concrete Tank Delivery.pdf

2017-04-26     Septic System Study - Newsday.pdf

2017-04-24     A Smart Start to Clean Waters - - Newsday editorial.pdf

2017-03-06     NY Politicians Eye 5B for Sewer Fix.pdf

2017-02         Long Island Groups Urge Homeowners to Maintain Onsite Systems.pdf

2016-11-24      Get Pumped! Campaign Promotes Septic Care on Long Island.pdf

2016-06         EPA Targets Nitrogen Reduction in Five Eastern States.pdf

2015-08         Pumpers Working Construction Sites Must Follow New OSHA Confined Space Rule.pdf

2015-05-29     Fixing Nitrogen Problems in Suffolk -Sarah Meyland NYIT.pdf

2015-03         Onsite Installer - Moving Ahead on Long Island.pdf

2015-03         Making Progress With Onsite Performance On Long Island.pdf

2015-01-22      New York County Septic System Lottery is a Success.pdf

2014-09-29 -  Great Neck - Grease is the Word.pdf

2014-03-34  - Developer - Sewers Key for Area - Huntington - newsday.pdf

2014-03-30    Sandy Aid for Sewers is Good Start - newsday.pdf

2014-03-06    Sewer Plans to the Fore.pdf

2014-02-18 -   Suffolk Sewer Plan - Ronkonkoma.pdf

2013-11-21      Pay to play - tax money for fixing septic systems.pdf

2012-05-13 -   Southampton to hold water quality forum.pdf

2011-06-02 -  Two Long Island teens killed after falling into a cesspool after becoming overcome by fumes.pdf

2011-03-31 -   Scientists Have Identified Culprit - Southampton Press.pdf

2010-03        Maybe it's Time.pdf

2010-02-08    Deadly Cesspool Accident in Smithtown.pdf

2009-11-29     Cesspool Swallows Senior Citizen.pdf

2009-02        LILWA Wants YOU.pdf

2008             The Hidden Danger on Long Island - Article American Waste Magazine.pdf

2008             LILWA - The Case for Certification.pdf

2007-06-12     Cesspool Collapse Claims Another Life.pdf

2007-01-23     Bergen Point Traffic Signal has Truckers Seeing RED.pdf

2007-01         LILWA - Tom Gallagher Elected as New LILWA President.pdf

2007-01         LILWA - Judge Coleman Resigns as President of LILWA.pdf

2006-07-18 -   Fatal cesspool collapse has Long Islanders concerned about safety.pdf

2005-11-05      Walter Hilbert speaks at Nov 2005 LILWA meeting.pdf

2005-10-21      Southampton Press - Block Cesspools a Considerable Danger.pdf

2005-10          Block Cesspool Safety Hazards.pdf

2005-09-05    Galbraith on News 12.pdf

2005-09        Glen Cove WWWTP accepts Type A septic waste from Nassau and Suffolk.pdf

2005-04-05    LILWA Attends NYWEA Meeting.pdf

2005-02-08    LILWA East End Meeting review.pdf

2005             LILWA - Choosing a Septic System Service Company by Doug Wholey LILWA VP

04-12-30  -     Newsday Article - by Gary Dymski

2004-11-15  -   Newsday Article Review by Judge Coleman

2004-02-12 -   Assemblyman Theile Attends LILWA Meeting

2004             LILWA Press Release

2001-09-05  -  Long Island Man Dies in Cesspool Collapse


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