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Suffolk County Licensing

Suffolk County Licensing Laws and Applications

Members can find other training resources  at the following sites:

OSHA 10 Hour Training ONLINE

Our online OSHA-authorized courses feature:

  • Audio narration

  • Interactive exercises and quizzes

  • Real-life case studies

  • Discounted rates for bulk orders

  • 24/7 course access from any desktop, laptop or mobile device

  • An OSHA-authorized trainer who can answer your questions

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services in cooperation with the University of Rhode Island Training Program is offering courses to fulfill the qualifications for :

10: Innovative and Alternative Treatment System Installer


11: Innovative and Alternative Treatment System Service Provider

NAWT Online Vacuum Truck Training Course

Topics of instruction include:

  • Materials to pump and avoid

  • Government regulations

  • Truck equipment and components

  • Drive and Control mechanisms

  • Basic and advanced pump out skills and procedures

  • Loading and unloading

  • Safety and emergency response plans

  • Customer interaction and education

  • Reasons to manage these materials

  • Basic science of vacuum and pressurization

  • Pumps

  • Basic Pump Truck Operation

  • Manifests and reports

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