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Suffolk County Regulatory Code 563-79 Article VII outlines the codes regulating Septic Industry Businesses and defines the licensing law.  The endorsement codes listed below are based on the Suffolk County license schedule in effect at the beginning of 2022:
Details can be found on the
county site here
Application CA--L22 can be downloaded here 

Endors. Code         Description                                                                 
LW1                  Septic Tank Pumping, Cleaning & Maintenance
LW2                  Grease trap / Grease Interceptor Cleaning & Maintenance
LW3                  Yellow Grease / Fryer Oil Collection
LW4                  Temporary & Portable Restroom Facilities
LW5                  Waste Line Cleaning & Inspection
LW6                  Bulk Liquid Waste Transportation
LW7                  Vactor (pump/vacuum) Services
LW8                   - no longer in use
LW9                  Conventional Septic System Installations
LW10                Innovative & Alternative Onsite Treatment System Installer
LW11                Innovative & Alternative Onsite Treatment System Service Provider

The information contained on this page is based on current membership records, and files published by Suffolk County Consumer Affairs .   All members are encouraged to complete our 2022 Census in order to update their listing, and to periodically verify that the information provided to consumers on the county site is is published correctly.

Please email if you require updates to your information.  Site changes will be made within 7-10 business days of your request.

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